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Social networking is all about sharing, but at Good Connection we appreciate you might like a little more control over who you’re sharing with...

You might not want your business connections viewing your intimate family photos, for example. And you probably don’t want your family to read all the gossip from last night’s works party. That’s why we give every user three different profile pages – Social, Family and Business. You don’t need to maintain three profiles – you simply choose which version of your page is shown to each of your connections.

All three profiles are controlled from your private homepage, to which none of your connections have access.

Speaking of privacy, we’d like to make it clear that we will not pass on your personal information to anybody without your express permission. Even our charity partners will only receive your information if you’re happy to share it. And there’s no small print to the contrary. We’re open with you - not with your information.

Just by doing everyday things like saying hello to your friends, shopping or organising a family event you'll be helping to make a real difference to something you care about.

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